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Riverside helps you work Faster, Smarter and in a Digitally Secure way. Protecting your organisation and preparing it for the future.
Work Faster

Digital automation of complex, repetitive process to improve productivity and efficiency across the organisation

Work Smarter

Digital tools ensure that your new process is delivering great results and saving you time

Work Securely

Future proof your business, always one step ahead of your competitors in this highly digital world

Aquila Digital

Riverside have created an internet-based digital intelligence and investigation solution that supports and simplifies every stage of an investigation. Built upon the framework of Aquila Transfer and combined with the power of the Aquila Community Upload, Aquila Digital delivers a comprehensive integrated platform for digital investigation.

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Recent Portfolio
Riverside Team
Tom McGhee
Managing Director
Tom is an experienced business executive with over 35 years’ practice across a range of sectors, including manufacturing, retail, semi-conductors, electronics, and software development. In addition to roles in procurement, supply chain management, production planning, and operational management, he has been scoping, designing, implementing and project managing software solutions for almost 30 years, including purchasing systems, stock control systems, production planning / control systems, lean manufacturing systems, and a whole range of systems for law enforcement.

Tom is passionate about innovation and finding unexploited gaps in the market, especially where intellectual property can be developed to give clients an added competitive advantage.
Steven Timpson
Senior Digital Designer

Steve has over 20 years Digital Design experience having worked on UX/UI design of Enterprise level projects Aquila and Shift Plan, Tourism focused content Management system powering websites & mobile apps, branding + graphic design for SMEs, Local Councils and Rock Festivals - even got to work with Pudsey on CD artwork (I am that old) for BBC Children in Need.

Loves to paint seascapes using acrylics and to walk the beaches and river walks of Ayrshire with his partner Louise. Enjoys listening to a podcast – great listens just now include Off Menu, Smartless and No Such Thing as a Fish.

Stephen Alexander
Full Stack Systems Designer

With over 14 years’ experience developing enterprise level software solutions most recently ShiftPlan a solution that aligns resources with capacity gaps on demand and Aquila Digital a policing feature-rich solution for seamless digital investigations. In addition, Stephen has experience in creating Mobile applications which there is more and more industry demand for. Stephen has a passion for creating dynamic and engaging user interface experiences utilising the latest software technologies.

Stephen’s passions go beyond development when not writing complex code Stephen is spending quality time with his kids and enjoying slow walks in the park with his three-legged dog Oscar.

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